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These Biblical Studies are authored by Pastor Kelly Sensenig. They are available for download to your computer (Microsoft Word format). Our only request is that you honor the author's years of research and the fruits of his labor by not duplicating these Biblical studies without giving the pastor of this assembly  proper credit. May the Lord use these study papers to enhance the spiritual understanding, wisdom, discernment, holiness, and growth of God's people in these last days.

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Psalm 119:130

"The entrance of thy words giveth light; it giveth understanding unto the simple."


A Complete Listing of Over 180 Studies

10 Ways Catholic's View Their Salvation
What is the official teaching of the Roman Catholic Church on salvation and justification?
How do most Catholics view their salvation?
Can you merit justification before God?
Is there a place called Purgatory?
Is Mary an intercesor before God?
Why are there priests in the Roman Catholic Church?
Can Catholics be sure they are going to Heaven?

Companion Study: "A Synposis of Catholic Salvation"

12 Motivations for Evangelism
What motivates Christians to be more evangelistic in their everyday lives?
What are the Biblical incentives that promote evangelism?
Have you been actively engaged in reaching the lost?    

33 Reasons Why Divorce and Remarriage Is Wrong
What do the Scriptures teach about divorce and remarriage?
Why should a believer avoid a divorce?
What did Moses and Jesus teach about divorce? 

*Companion Studies  "Does God Condone Divorce and Remarriage?"  (The Exception Clause in Matt. 5:32 & 19:9)
"God's Word on Divorce and Remarriage" (A Church Statement)
   "The Divorce Question "The Deacon and Divorce"

60 Reasons Why a Christian Should Refuse to Attend Churches
that Promote Worldly Music and Worship

Why should a Christian avoid those church services that 
promote worldly and carnal music?
What commands and principles help us to make wise decisions 

our worship and music?
Are you attending a church that plays worldly music?

*Companion Studies: "Is God Using Contempaoray Music?" & "Fast Bible Facts Dealing With Christian Rock Music"

"The Bondage of the Big Beat"

What does this mysterious number represent?
What does prophecy say about this number?
When will this number be enforced upon society?

A DVD of Church History
(A Prophetic History of the Seven Churches)
Is there a prophetic history revealed in the seven churches of Revelation 2-3?
Does this view destroy the imminence of the Rapture?
Is there any interelatioship of the churches to the parables of Matthew 13 ?

*See Chart that Goes Along With This Study

A Living Sacrifice
(Romans 12:1-2)
Have you ever surrendered your body to God?
What motivates us to surrender our lives to God?
What are the marks of a surrendered life?

A Proposed Chronology of Armageddon and the Second Coming of Christ
Where is Armageddon located?
How many battles will  occur in Palestine  during the closing days of the Tribulation Period?
Is there a general chronology that can be followed with Christ's return?
When will Christ stand upon the Mount of Olives?
Who will win the battle?

A Promise Without a Foundation
(An Examination of Extreme Free Grace Teaching on Evangelism)
Must a person  understand about Christ's death on the cross in order to be saved?
What is the foundation to Christ's promise regarding eternal life?
What is the Gospel?

Related Studies:  "Bob Wilkin and Repentance"  "Is the Free Grace Position Really Free" "Will Only Faithful Beleivers Enter the Millennium?"

A Rebuttal of 12 Anti-separatist Arguments Used to
Promote Ecumenical Practices

What are the arguments that ecumenical evangelism uses 
to promote its ecumenical agenda?
Do certain Bible passages support ecumenicalism?

A Song for the All Shook Up
(Psalm 46)
How can I overcome debilitating fear?
What does it mean when a person  is "still" before  God?
Have you been experiencing  God's supply for your personal life?
Are you resting in God's plan and purpose for your life?

A Successful New Year 
How can you have a spiritually effective and successful New Year?
What are the true marks of success?
What are the most important things you can do this year with your life?

Adam in Eden
What practical lessons can men learn from Adam in Eden?
What are the forbidden trees for men today?
How do men hide from God?
What excuses do men give for not living spiritually?
*Companion study - "Eve In Eden"

Addressing God in Prayer
What member of the Godhead should the believer address during his time if prayer?
The Father, Son, or Holy Spirit?
 Is Matthew 6:9 a definitive statement that we should only pray to the Father?
Is it wrong to prayer to Jesus or the Holy Spirit?

Alcohol and Social Drinking
(The Burden of a Mother)
Proverbs 31
Does the Bible condone social drinking?
What are the dangers associated with alcoholic consumption? 
Why is alcohol a mocking, raging and deceiving drink?
What should be the burden of every godly mother for her children?

*Companion Study - "Finding a Virtuous Woman" (The Burden of a Mother) - Proverbs 31

America in Prophecy
Why is the Bible silent on the subject of America in Bible prophecy?
What role will America play in the end times?
Does America have any future hope as a nation?

*A Related Study: "Is America the Babylon of Bible Prophecy?

*Companion Studies: "Egypt in Prophecy" and "Russia in Prophecy

(Replacement Theology)

Is there going to be a literal millennium on earth?
Does the church inherit Israel's promises?
What is allegorical interpretation?

An Old Committment for a New Year
Do you need to follow an old or previous commitment that you made to the Lord?
Have you forgotten the teaching of your spiritual mentors?
Have you remained faithful to the Biblical teachings you have learned?
Have you lost your Biblical moorings and anchor in life?

Apostasy and Salvation
(An Exposition of 2 Peter 2:19-22)
Is 2 Peter teaching conditional salvation and that a believer can lose his salvation?
What are the  marks of apostasy?
In what way
does the apostate have a knowlede of Christ?
How can an apostate escape the pollutions of the  world and not be saved? 

Are We Living in the End Times?
What are the end times?
Are prophecies being fulfilled today?
Shouldthe Church be looking for signs?

*Companion Study - "The Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy" (Focusing on the End Times - Tribulation Period)

 Are You Spiritual?
(Ephesians 5:18-25)
What does it mean to be filled with the Spirit?
What are the true marks of spirituality?
Are you prepared to take a spiritual test?

Does the city of Rome fulfill the prophecies of Babylon?
  Will Babylon be rebuilt?
  Does Babylon exist today?
  What will happen to this city?

*A Related Study: "Is America the Babylon of Bible Prophecy?

When does a Christian backslide in their Christian experience?
What are some Biblical examples of backsliding believers?
What are the causes of backsliding?
What is the cost of backsliding?
Is there a way back?

* Companion Study - "Why Do God's People Backslide?"
(Forsaken counsel, Foolish choices, Forgotten companions) 

Balancing the Christian Life
How are we to live the Christian life?
Is there a balance to strike between the fear of God and love of God?
How much service does God require versus  recreational activity?
What kind of balance must I strike between what is eternal and temporal?

(Its Points, Purposes, Procedure, and Policy")
What is the purpose for baptism?
Does baptism have any saving merit?
What is the mode of baptism?
Should all believers be baptized?

Baptism and The Great Commission
Why is baptism part of the Great Commission?
What does baptism picture?
What is the mode of baptism?
Have you been baptized?

Baptism by Immersion  
(With Pictures and Simple Explanations)
Does the mode of baptism really matter?
How were God's saint baptized in the Church Age?
What is the significance of baptism my immersion?

Baptizing Children and the Covenant of Grace
(A Response to Reformed Preachers on the Radio)
Why do Reformed  preachers and churches practice infant baptism?
Is there any Biblical precedence for baptizing children?
Is there really a Covenant of Grace?

Becoming Like Little Children
What did Jesus mean when He said that we are to become like little children?
What are the characteristics of little children that we should possess as Christians?
Do you have the heart of a little child?

Belief that Behaves (James 2:14-26)
Did James teach that salvation is by faith and works?
How are works connected with faith?
What is a dead faith?

Bible Gaps
What events have occurred between Daniel's 69th and 70th week?
What events will occur between the Rapture and Tribulation Period?
What events will occur between the Tribulation Period and Millennial Kingdom?

Bible Questions For Christian Conduct & Activities
How can a Christian make the right decision in a world of changing values?
How can a believer decide what course of conduct he should engage in for his life?
How can God's people know whether something is right or wrong for them to do?

Biblical Manhood
(Getting Back to Basics)
What does it mean to be masculine?
Does the man still need to be a leader in the home?
What does God expect of a man?

Biblical Womanhood
(Getting Back to Basics)
What does it mean to be feminine?
Does the woman still need to submit to her husband?
What does God expect of a woman?

Billy Graham's Reward and Our Reward
Will Billy Graham be rewarded even though  he was known to compromise with liberals in his evangelism outreach?
How will God reward His saints in view of their victories  and failures?
Can God's people lose  reward?

Bitter Spirits, Bad Attitudes and Bossy Wives
What can a bitter spirit do to a woman's life and marriage?
How can a woman get rid of a bad attitude? 
Are you a bossy wife?

Blood Moons & the Bible
Are the blood moons occuring today a fulfillment of Bible prophecy?

When do blood moons take on prphetic siginifiance?
Are you a sign seeker?

Bob Wilkin and Repentance
(A Critique of
ďA Slippery Slope: Repentance and Everlasting Life")
How does this brother and some other free grace writers explain repentance?

Is repentance a synonymn for faith?
Why do some try and undercut the meaning of repentance?
Can salvation be "by faith alone" if repentance is part of the conversion response?

Related Studies:  "A Promise "Without a Foundation"  "Is the Free Grace Position Really Free?" "Will Only Faithful Beleivers Enter the Millennium?"

British Israelism
Are British people and Americans the chosen people of God?
Were the ten tribes lost?
Is God finished with the nation of Israel?

Brethren, We Have Met to Worship
(Some Thoughts on Corporate Worship Among
the Independent Fundamental Congregations)

What are some differences in worship among the independent fundamental church movement?
What does the Bible say about servant worship?
What does the Bible say about reserved and edifying worship?
How should we strive for unity in our worship?

Butchering Babies for Medical Advancement and Science
Christians detest abortion while at the same time promote the use of baby organs for medical science?
Why is this practice barbarism?
What is the test that determines whether or not this practice is ethical?

Cancer and the Christian Life

How do Christians deal with cancer?
What are some of the things that cancer cannot do to the believer's life?
Does Jesus really care?

Changes in Life
How do we adjust to the changes that God sends into our life?
What should be our attitude when change occurs?
How did some Bible characters react to change?
What lesson can we learn from them?  

Charismatics, the Book of Acts, and Sign Gifts
What was the purpose of the sign gifts during early apostolic Christianity?
What are the rules for speaking in tongues?
Are there still prophets in the church today?
What is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit?
How should one view the Book of Acts?

*Companion Studies - "The Baptism of the Holy Spirit and Speaking in Tongues"  & "Sign Gifts"


Christ in the Tabernacle
(A Comprehensive Study of the Tabernacle)
How is Christ seen in the typology of the Tabernacle?
In what way do the primary pieces of furniture point to Christ?
What application does the Tabernacle have to our lives today?

Christians and Homosexuals
How should Christians deal with homosexuals?
What does the Bible say about separating from homsexuals?
Can a homosexual be saved?
Is a person born a homosexual?

See also "Mankind, Humankind, and Gender Neutrality"

Christmas, Chirst, and the Everlasting Father
(Isaiah 9:6)

How should we understand Christ as the everlasting Father in this Christmas passage?
What are the primary views regarding this puzzling text?
How does this verse magnify Christ?

Church Attendance
Why should you attend church regularly as a Christian?
What priority does church attendance have in your life?
How do you change your heart and attitude about church attendance? 

Companion Study: "Going to Church" (Meditation of Psalm 122:1)

Church Issues
What is church unity based upon?
What is the church service for?
Why do people leave a church?
Who leads the church?

Church Unity
What is church unity based upon?
What is the purpose of the church service?
Why do people leave a church?
Who leads the church?

Comfortable with Compromise
Why has the church compromised in the present hour?
How can a church and Christian keep from compromising?
Does God compromise on any issue?

Conservative Christianity
(Be patient when opening and downloading)
What are the marks of conservative Christianity?
Why should you consider attending a conservative church?
What are the differences between contemporary and conservative worship?

Consider the Lilies

(The Cure of Anxiety )

Matt. 6:24-34

Why do Christians worry?

Is there a spiritual cure for anxiety?

What did Jesus say about food and clothing?

Are you a worrywart? 

Conquering the Fears of Life
Why are Christians afraid today?
How does a Christian overcome fear?
Can we really be delivered from the haunting past?

*Companion Study - "Don't Be Afraid"

Contentment in Life
How can I have contentment when everything is going wrong in my life?
Are you content with what you have?
Is God really working in my life when everything seems out of control?

Crowns for Christians

Will Christians wear literal crowns on their heads in the future?

What kind of reward will Christians receive?

How will our eternal reward be experienced in eternity?  

Culture and the Christian Life
Conformity or Counteraction?
When does a Christian conform to the culture?
When must we counteract culture?
  Can a Christian ever be in style?
What does it mean to be worldly?

Dear Mr. Annihilationist
(Answering a Letter From an Annihilationist)
What does the term soul mean?
Does physical death end a person's existence?
Is there really such a thing as eternal suffering?

Dear Mr. Mormon
(Replying to a Mormon and Exposing his False Doctrine)
A Thorough Study of Mormonism with Documentation - Questions are Written in Red
What do Mormons actually believe?
Is their doctrine evangelical?
Are Mormons going to Heaven?

Dear Jehovah's Witness
(A Letter Written to a Jehovah Witness)
What are the major teachings of the Jehovah Witness cult?
Why must Jesus be Jehovah God?

What are the inconsistencies in the Jehovah Witness teachings?

  Deliverance for Alcoholics
(The Road to Recovery)
Is alcoholism a disease? 
How can a person be delivered from alcoholic bondage and addiction?
What is a Biblical plan that will help a person start on the road to recovery?

Discipleship and the Millennial Kingdom
(A Motivation to Follow Christ in View of the Coming Kingdom)
Does the church have any connection with the kingdom reign of Christ?
What did Jesus mean about losing and saving your life?
Do the church epistles invite believers to serve in view of the kingdom? 

 Did a Pre-Adamic Race Exist on Earth?
Did a race of human beings exist prior to Adam?
Was their a previous earth-age before Adam?
What are the Bible truths that dispel the myths of this teaching?   

Did Jesus Have Long Hair?
What about the picture of Jesus?
Was Jesus a Nazarite or a Nazarene?
What does long hair on a man represent?
Was Jesus a medieval hippy?  

Did Jesus Suffer Spiritual Contamination on the Cross?
Did Jesus really become defiled with the sins of other sinners when hanging on the cross?
What are the theological repercussions if Jesus became spiritually defiled when the sins of the world were transferred to Him?
In what way did Jesus experience spiritual death or sepration from God while hanging on the cross?

What does the word dispensation really mean?
Are there dispensations seen within the Bible?
What is the history of Dispensationalism?
How many dispensations are there?

Do All Religions Lead to God?
(A Study on Pluralism)

Are all religions moving toward God?
What does the teaching of pluralism mean?
How many ways are there to God?

Does Baptism Save Us?
(A Study of Misunderstood Passages Dealing With Baptism)
Do certain Bible passages teach salvation by water baptism?
Does the Bible contradict itself?
How do we interpret those passages that seem to teach salvation by baptism?

Does God Condone Divorce and Remarriage
(The Exception Clause in Matt. 5:32 & 19:9)

*Companion Studies: "33 Reasons Why Divorce and Remarriage are Wrong"
"God's Word on Divorce and Remarriage" (A Church Statement)
   "The Divorce Question
      "The Deacon and Divorce"

Does God Only Look at the Heart?
(1 Samuel 16:7)
Is the heart all that matters to God?
Can the heart be deceptive?
Does God ever look at the body?

Does God Want Me to Be Happy?
Should a Christian pursue happiness in his or her life?
Should we only be joyful in life?
Is there such a thing as Biblical happiness?
What is true happiness?

Donald Trump and King Cyrus
(Written Before the Election)
How is Donald Trump like King Cyrus?
What lessons do we learn from the election of Donald Trump?
How have we seen God's providence over the 2016 election?

Don't Be Afraid 
What are some things that Christians fear?
Can a  Christian really be delivered from fear?
What is God's promise regarding fear?

*Companion Study - "Conquering the Fears of Life"  

Eagle's Wings
(God's Strength)
Isaiah 40:26-31
What is God's promise during the time of trial?
Is God really enough?
How big is God?
Are you flying above your adversity? 

Egypt in Prophecy
What does the Bible say about Egypt's future?
Will Egypt make war with the Antichrist?
What role does Egypt play in the end times?

*Companion Studies  - America in  Prophecy" and "Russia in Prophecy"

Election and Free Will - Mystery or Misunderstood?
An In-Depth Study of The Doctrine of Election
Does God want the subject of election to be a mystery or paradox to the human mind?
Does man have a free will to decide his eternal destiny?
How has God designed His program of election?
Who are God's elect?
Does God really hate people?
Is election open or closed?

*Companion Studies: "Election for Dummies", & "Election, Foreknowledge, and Free Will"

Election for Dummies
Should election  be viewed asthe "dreadful decree" of Calvin?
How Does God work out His program of election?
Does God honor the choice of people?
What is free will?
Does God choose to damn some people to hell over others?
What is Romans chapter  nine teaching?

 Election, Foreknowledge, and Free Will
How does God's elective program  work in relation to foreknoweldge and free will?
What does "elect according to the forewnoledge of God" (1 Pet. 1:2) mean?
Can both election and free will be true even if we can't reconcile them?
Is man really free or autonmous?

*Companion Studies: "Election for Dummies", & "Election and Free Will - Mystery of Misunderstood?"

Eternal Life
What does eternal life mean?
Can I know that I have eternal life?
How can eternal life change my mundane existence of living?

Companion Studies: "Secure or Insecure?" (The Doctrine of Eternal Security)

"Eternal Security Through Christ" (With Pictues), Eternal Security and Assurance of Salvation

"Eternal Security and Assurance of Salvation" (Chart)

Eternal Security Through Christ
(With Pictures)
Why can't a Christian lose his or her salvation?
What is Christ doing in Heaven for the believer?
What does justification mean?
How many sins did Jesus pay the penalty for when He died on the cross?
What happens when a Christian sins?

What is the result of our confession?

*Companion Study Focusing on Confession & Forgiveness: "Salvation, Forgiveness and the Confession of Sins"

Eternal Security and Assurance of Salvation
A Complete Analysis of Eternal Security and the Texts Used to Promote Conditional Salvation
How can a Christian be secure and confident of his salvation?
What are the Bible verses that are used to teach conditional salvation?
How should we view those verses that seemingly contradict the promise of eternal life?
If Jesus can't fully and finally save us, without our participation, then what percentage of good works saves us?
If Jesus alone can't save us, then how good must you be? How perfect must you be in order to go to Heaven? 

Companion Studies: "Secure or Insecure?" (The Doctrine of Eternal Security)

"Eternal Security Through Christ" (With Pictues) & "Eternal Security and Assurance of Salvation" (Chart)

Eternal Things
What are eternal things?
What are some key words that help us to focus on the future?
Are you preparing today for the future?

Eve In Eden
How did Satan tempt Eve in the Garden of Eden?

What methods did Satan use to deceive Eve?
What kind of lies does Satan promote about God?

*Companion study - "Adam In Eden"

Even the Youths Shall Faint
(Isaiah 40:30)
A Message for the Present Generation of Young People

What is the scientific evidence for evolution?
Did humans evolve from apes?
What is the true origin of human life? 

Except Ye Repent 
Must a person repent in order to be saved? 

What is the meaning of the word repent?
What is the difference between repentance and reformation?

Extreme Dispensationalism, the Beginning of the Church, and a Lively Debate
What is the hyper or extreme dispensational viewpoint regarding the beginning of the  Church?
How many Churches were there?
When did the Church begin?
Did it begin when Jesus blew on His disciples in John 20:22?
Did it begin at Pentecost in Acts 2?

*Companion Studies: "Pentecost, Baptism and Church Membership" & "When Did the Church Begin?"

Faith is the Victory
(God's Plan for Victory)
An Exhaustive Study of the Schemes of Satan and the Believer's Victory in Christ
How does the devil defeat the lives of God's people?
What is God's plan for victory over the devil?
When does a believer give ground to Satan?

Are you a victim or victor in Christ?
Is faith still the victory that overcomes the world?

Fast Bible Facts Dealing with Christian Rock Music
Can I become addicted to a certain type of sound?
Is music neutral in its sound?
What are the characteristics of Rock Music?
Can I mix the holy with the unholy?

Finding a Virtuous Woman
(The Burden of a Mother)
Proverbs 31

What is a virtuous woman?
What does God expect of a woman?
Must a mother still perform old-fashioned house duties?
What should be a woman's attitude toward her children and husband? 

*Companion Study - "Alcohol and Social Drinking" (The Burden of a Mother) - Proverbs 31

Free Grace and Assurance of Salvation
Why does the Biblical teaching about free grace promote assurance?
Can somone have the assurance of his salvation without believing in free grace?
Where does a person find assurance?

Do you have the assurance that you are going to Heaven? 

Freedom is Never Free!
(A Patriotic Study Centering upon our National and Spiriutal Freedom in Christ)
What did it cost to establish and maintain our national freedoms?
How many soldiers died throughout the centuries?
What did it cost Christ to aquire our spiritual freedom?
What was the redemptive price the Father required for our freedom?

From Christmas to Calvary
Why was Christ born?
How does the cross relate to His birth?
Have you ever been to Calvary?
Have you ever trusted in Jesus Christ to be your Savior?  

God of Our Fathers
(Exodus 20:1-6)
(A Timely Study Directed to Fathers)
What kind of impact does a father have upon the lives of his children?
ve you been experiencing liberty over sin ?

What kind of idols are ruling your life?
How can you leave behind a godly legacy? 

See also "Thanking our Fathers"

God vs. Gog -(Ezekiel 38-39)

"Russia and the Islamic Nations in Bible Prophecy"

What role does Russia play in the End Times?

When will this Russian/Islamic battle occur?

Who wins the final jihad?


*Companion Study: "America in Prophecy" and Egypt in Bible Prophecy" 


God's Creative Wonders

(A Detailed Study of Creation)

*Be patient when downloading - a large document with power point presentations*

Are the days of creation week literal 24 hour days?

How did Jesus view creation?

What about theistic evolution?

Is progressive creation compatible with the Genesis record of creation?

Is the Framework Hypothesis theory Biblical and reliable?

How can something come from nothing?

Is evolution a religion?

How is man created in the image of God?


 God's Guidance
(Proverbs 3:5-6)
What is the procedure I must follow so I can receive God's guidance?
What is the promise that I can claim regarding God's guidance?
How important is our faith in the matter of receiving guidance?

God's Masterplan for Victory
(A Manual for Victorious Christian Living)
How can a Christian possess victory and live life on the higher plain?
How can Christians be freed from their past?
How can you forgive someone who has done somethign terrible to you?
How do you reclaim ground that you have surrendered to Satan?
What does it mean to walk in the Spirit?
How is victory applied to our lives as presented in Romans chapter 6?
How can the armor of God and being confident in Christ assist you in victory?

God's Purpose for the Present Age
(Acts 15:14-18)

What is God doing in this present dispensation?
When will Israel return to the place of blessing?
Why did James quote from the Old Testament?

God's Purpose for Your Life
(Romans 8:28-30)
What is God's purpose for our lives?
How do all things work together for our good?
How do our tragedies become part of God's purpose?
When was God's purpose  planned for our lives?

God's Supreme Court Ruling on Marriage
What does God and the Bible say regarding homosexuality and same sex marriages?
What about gender change and transvestism?
In what way do homosexuals experice God's judgment? 
What should Christians expect in light of this historic ruling?

God's Word on Divorce and Remarriage
(A Church Statement)
Is there any ground for divorce and remarriage?
What takes place when a divorced person remarries?
In what sense is a person no longer "bound" to a marriage relationship?

*Companion Studies: 33 Reasons Why Divorce and Remarriage Is Wrong
Does God Condone Divorce and Remarriage  (The Exception Clause in Matt. 5:32 & 19:9)
   "The Divorce Question
      "The Deacon and Divorce"

Going to Church
(Meditation on Psalm 122:1)
Were you in church this Sunday?
Were you glad to attend God's house?
Has your zeal and committment to Church been lacking?
What are the causes of burned out worship?
How can you change your attitude of God and worship?

Companion Study: "Church Attendance"

Good People Do Not Go to Heaven
Are there any good people on earth?
Is man basically good?
        How does God view humanity?

What is gossip?

Why do God's people gossip?
What does God think of gossip?
What is the origin of gossip?
Have you been gossiping? 

Grace Giving
Does God command the tithe for New Testament saints?
What is God's plan for giving under grace?
What  motivates God's people to give today?

How does a Christian or church ministry gradually shift from its former stances.
What can we do to stop our own lives and church from moving into a compromising position?
What signs indicate that I'm drifting into the sea of compromise?
Where will you be several years from now if you continue on the same 

path that you are presently walking?

Halloween (The Devil's Day)
Is Halloween an innocent holiday?
Should a Christian participate with Halloween?
What is the history of Halloween?

Head Coverings and Hair Lengths
(God's Chain of Authority in 1 Corinthians 11)
Should Christian women of today practice wearing veils or head coverings i?
Was the head covering of Corinth a custom?
What is the teaching of Genesis that Paul is teaching in 1 Corinthians 11?
What does a man and woman's hair lengths represent?

*Companion Study: "Should Christian Women Veil?" (A More Detailed Study)

Heads, Hills, Horns, and Harlots
(A Study of Revelation 17:9-14 - With Power Point Charts)
*Be Patient When Downloading - It will take several minutes with high speed*
the seven hills refer to the city of Rome?
What do the seven heads on the beast represent?
How are the horns linked to the end times?
Is the harlot the Roman Catholic Church?

His Deadly Wound Was Healed (Revelation 13:3)
Will Satan raise the Antichrist from the dead?
What are some of the dispensational views of Revleation 13:3?
What do the heads on the Beast vision represent?
What lie will the Antichrist promote during the End Times?

*A Related Study - "The  Course of World History"

Hillbilly and Holy Music
(Some Thoughts on Christian Country Music)
What about Christian Country Music?
It is acceptable for fundamental Christians to listen to?
Where does shallow music lead us?
Where should we draw the line?

Homosexuality Ė Godís Final Word!
(A Brief Summary of the wickedness of Homosexuality)

 What Does God think about homosexuality?
Is homosexuality a biological condition?
Is this sexual expression normal or abnormal?

*For a detailed study of this topic see ďWhat About Same Sex Marriages?"

How Can a Jewish Person Find Peace with God?
What does Isaiah 53 teach regarding the Messiah?
How can we use Old Testament Scriptures to point Jewish people to Christ?
Do you have a burden for Jewish evangelism?

How Can a Loving God Send People to Hell?
If God loves people, then why must He judge them?
Why must God vindicate or defend His character?
Is God always right in what He does?

How Can I Make the Right Decision?
How can I know if I'm making the right decision?
Are there any guidelines I can follow to help me in the decision-making process?

How Do You Get Ready For Church?
How does a Christian mentally and spiritually prepare himself for church?
Why do some Christians leave church holding an empty dish?
What is the importance of heart preparation?

How Do We Know God Exists?
What are the proofs for God's existence?
Are there nay trueborn atheists?
Why don't people believe in God's existence?

How Do We Worship God?
(A Study of Psalm 100)
What are the ingredients of all true worship?
Are you a worshipping Christian?
How can you learn to better worship God? 

How Should a Christian Dress?
Is this a legalistic question?
Does the Bible really have anything to say about Christian adornment?
  What kind of dress is worldly?
What about the distinction among the sexes in the matter of dress?

How to Get Answers to Our Prayers
(1 John 5:14-15)

What kind of prayer does God promise to answer?
Can a believer pray selfishly?
Does God always answer prayer?

How to Have a Revival
(Joel 2:12-19)
How can a person or church experience revival?
What are the instructions that God gives for revival?  
Why are God's people missing His true blessing?
Do you need personal revival?

How to Receive God's Blessing
(2 Chronicles 7:14)
What are God's spiritual laws for revival and blessing?
What does it mean to seek God's face?
Do you really want revival?
Do you really want God's blessing?

I'm Dreaming of a Right Christmas?
What is a right Christmas?
Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, and Santa Clause?
What is the true purpose of Christmas?

Inspiration, Fundamentalism, and Your Bible
Is the Bible only inspired in the original manuscripts?
Does inspiration apply to Greek texts and Bible versions
What should be our attitude toward the Bible ?

*See Also: "The King James Bible versus Other Bible Translations"
(A Positional Statement on the Authorized Version)

"Two Rivers of Greek Manuscripts"

Is America the Babylon of Bible Prophecy?
Why have some prophetic students of the Bible identified America With Babylon?
Is it possible that America can fullfill Babylon's ancient prophecies?
What does the Bible and prophecy say about Babylon's future role as a city during the End Times?

Companion Study: "Babylon"  

Is Glenn Beck Saved?
Can a Mormon be saved and believe in Mormon doctrine?
What do Mormons actually teach?
What about Glenn Beck's salvation?

Is God Blessing and Using New Evangelical Christians?
How does a fundamentalist answer this question?
Do Christians involved with this movement really love the Lord?
Does God overlook acts of rebellion?
What are sins of ignorance?

Is God Judging America?
Do Americans really believe that God would judge America?
What is the historical and Biblical pattern of Godís judgment? 
Has God ever judged cities for their wickedness? 

What happened in the Great Awakening's of American History?

Is God Using Contemporary Music?
Are souls being saved because of Contemporary Christian Music?
Can God use anything?
Is Contemporary Christian Music only temporary?

*Companion Studies: "60 Reasons Why a Christain Should Refuse to Attend Chruches that Promote Wordly Music and Worship"

"Fast Bible Facts Dealing With Christian Rock Music" & "The Bondage of the Big Beat"

Is Healing in the Atonement?
Did Jesus die for our diseases?
Are we physically healed by His stripes?
Can God's people claim divine healing on the basis of Christ's death?

Is It Wrong to Expose Error?
Does God really expect believers to counteract error?
Is God interested in our efforts to stand up for truth?
Should a believer speak out against another believer who is corrupt in doctrine or practice?

Is the Free Grace Position Really Free?
Does free grace mean that a person does not need to repent in order to be saved?
If a pers
on is saved by faith alone in Christ, then why is there is a need for repentance?
Can a person really be saved without repentance?
Is repentance a legalistic work?
Is repentance the same as Lordship Salvation?
Can our transformation of living provide us with assurance of salvation?

Related Studies:  "A Promise "Without a Foundation"  "Bob Wilkin on Repentance" "Will Only Faithful Beleivers Enter the Millennium?"

Is There a Hell?
Is hell a mythical place?
Is the fire of hell literal?
Do people really suffer in hell?
Does hell mean annihilation for the wicked?
Are you going to Hell?

It Is Finished!
What was finished when Christ died on the cross?
Why was it finished?
 When was it finished?  

James 5 and Spritual Healing from the Effects of Sin
What kind of healing is James talking about in chapter five?
Can we claim the promise of physical healing for all of our diseases and sicknesses?
What is the prayer of faith?
Does God still heal today?

Companion Study: Should We Use Oil for Healing Today?

Jesus is Coming Again
What are the secrets of Christ's coming?
Will Christ take His saints back to Heaven when He returns?
What does the Bible say about the Rapture of the Church?
What kind of hope does the coming of Christ provide for His saints?

*Companion study - "The Rapture"

Keeping the Church on Target
(1 Thessalonians 1:1-10)
How can a church know when it is moving in the right direction?
What is the responsibility of its members?

What role does leadership play?

Law or  Grace
(And the Believer's Rule of Life)
A Thorough Explanation of Law and Grace as Presented in the Bible
 Does the believer have any relationship to the Law in the present dispensation?
What does it mean to live under grace?
What is the purpose of the Law?
What does it mean to be free from the Law? 
What is the purpose of grace?
What is the believer's rule of life?
What role does the Holy Spirit play in the present dispensation?
What is the new dynamic and motivation for Christian living?

Leading a Soul to Salvation
(A Step-by-step Study in Leading a Person to Faith in Christ)

Can you really know something without saying it?
What are the key spiritual issues you must deal with when witnessing to the lost?
How can you explain to others what sin, substitution, and salvation mean?

Leading Children to Christ
(Some Practical Pointers for Church Workers)
What approaches can we use to help children understand the Gospel?
What are some guidelines we can follow for child evangelism?
How does a child think when we use certain terms that are confusing to them?
What are some pitfalls to avoid when witnessing to children?

Lessons From New Orleans
What is the Christian responsibility during times of disaster?
Will God judge the world by a flood?
Is God in control of the weather?
Does law and order really keep manís wickedness in check?

Living Free
(An Examination of the Doctrine of Christian Liberty)
What are the three main areas related to Christian liberty?
What does it really mean to be free in Christ?
What are the parameters of Christian liberty?

Lordship Salvation
An Exhaustive Treatise of The Reformed Position of Salvation
Is God's grace free?
What is cheap grace?
What is easy believism?
What is repentance?
What is the Gospel?
In what way is Jesus Lord?

*Companion Studies - "The Errors of Lordship Salvation" (A detailed look at the issues related to Lordship Salvation)

"Perseverance, Faith, Works, and Theological Doubletalk" (Exposing the errors of Reformed teaching) 

 Luther and Lutheranism
What does the Lutheran Church teach concerning baptism?
What is the foundation of a Lutheran's faith?
What did Martin Luther believe regarding infant baptism?
What is a sacrament? 

Lutheran Sacraments and Grace (A Brief Overview)
How do Lutheran's view salvation and justification?
How do they receive grace?
Does Lutheranism teach "faith-alone-in-Christ-alone" for salvation?

Making Sense Out of the Newtown Tragedy
(The Problem of Evil in the World)
Why did innocent children lose their lives in a senseless shooting?
Where was God in this evil rampage?
Why didn't God prevent it from happening?
Why is their evil in the world?

Mankind, Humankind, and Gender Neutrality
Why are speakers, writers, and authors replacing the pronoun mankind with humankind?
What does the Bible say about the gender neutrailty movement?
Does God create us as a male or female?
Is gender our choice?

See also "Christians and Homosexuals"

Marriages That Make It
Studies In Premarital Counseling

What is a Biblical marriage?
Is the husband the leader of the wife?
Does the Bible teach submission of the woman?
Is a wife expected to do old fashioned house duties?
What is true love in a marriage relationship? 

Misunderstood Titles of Christ?
(Begotten, Firstborn of Every Creature, Firstborn from the Dead,
Firstborn Among Many Brethren, and Beginning of the Creation of God)

What do these titles mean which are assigned to Christ?
Was Jesus a created by God as Jehovah's Witnessess teach?
What is the Arian heresy?
hat is the background of the word firstborn?
What is the understanding of Jesus being the begotten Son of God?

Does Jesus share God's existence with the Father?

Music & Spiritual Gifts
Is music an important part of the church worship service?
Should music be done skillfully and make good musical sense?
How is a church music program to function?

My Baptism Questions
Baptism Questions for New Converts)
Who should be baptized?
When should I be baptized?
How should I be baptized?
What is the picture of baptism?
Why must I be baptized?

Near Death and Out of Body Experiences
What happens to the human spirit when it leaves the body?
Can a person come back from the afterlife?
What are the causes of "near death" experiences?

Overcoming Grief
Is there a time when we should grieve?
What are the limitations related to grieving?
Has your grief overtaken your spiritual life?

Pearls For Preaching
(Practical Pointers for Preparing and Presenting Bible Sermons)
What makes a good sermon?
What does exegesis mean?
How can I learn to format Bible sermons based upon the text of Scripture?
Is it important to preach God's Word - God's way?

Should grammar be considered when studying a Bible passage?
What does God expect of the preacher and teacher of God's Word?

Pentecost, Baptism, and Church Membership
Is baptism required for local church membership?
Did the 3,000 saved on Pentecost join the local church or enter the universal Church?
What was happening in the book of Acts?

*Companion Studies: "When did the Church Begin?"

"Extreme Dispensationalism, the Beginning of the Church, and a Lively Debate"


Perseverance, Faith, Works, and Theological Doubletalk

What is the Reformed Doctrine of perseverance?

What is the Arminian Doctrine of perseverance?

What is the Roman Catholic Doctrine of perseverance?

Is there a difference between these theological systems?


Plurality or Single Eldership?

How many elders served in the house churches?

Is there any Biblical data that points to a single eldership rule?

Did the early house churches and elders network together?



(Dominion Theology)

Will Christ return after the Millennium is already established?
What are the basic tenants of postmillennialism?

Will the Church subdue the earth?

What is recontructionism?

Pragmatism & Presenting the Gospel
What is pragmatism?
Is evangelism losing its power because of cultural conformity?
Does God need help in saving souls?
Can the Gospel become hidden behind man's programs and presentations?
Why are there worship wars?

Prayer and the Christian Life
Why Should a Christian pray?
What are the rules for praying?
How often should you pray?
What about prayer and fasting?

Prayer and the Purpose of God
(With a Special Emphasis on Suffering)
What does the Bible teach about God's sovereign purpose?
If God ordained everything then why pray?
How do the prayers of Christians interact with God's decreed purpose?

Will Christ return before the Millennial Kingdom?
What are the basic tenants of premillennialism?
What are the proofs of premillennialism?
What are the hermeneutics of premillennialism?

Probing Proverbs into a Man's Life
What kind of man does God want you to be?
What are some of the warnings given to men today?
What kind of conduct does God expect from a man?
What about the love life of a man?

Probing Proverbs into a Woman's Life
(The Indiscreet, Irritating, and Irrational Woman)
What does the Bible say about modesty in relationship to the woman's life?
What conduct does God expect from a woman or wife within the marriage relationship?
What is a godly wife compared to in Scripture?
Are there really peal gates and golden streets in Heaven?

Promises and Prayers of Hope
That You Can Pray and Apply to Your Life)
Have you ever lost hope?
How can we pray through God's promises and find hope for our hearts?
Are you ready to pray and find hope? 

Prophetic Time Designations
How should we understand and interpet the prophetic time statements in Scripture?
What did Jesus mean when He speaks about "the end of the age?"
What is the difference in between the "fulness of the Gentiles" and "times of the Gentiles?"
What is  the difference between the "last days" for the Church and "last days" for Israel?
What does it mean when the Bible states that Jesus is coming soon or quickly?

Questions About God, the Unvierse, and the Origin of Life
How did the unviverse get started?
Is the unvierse eternal?
Who made God?
Is there an eternal God that exists outside time?
Is evolution statistically possible?
How can we know that we know the truth?

Questions on Heaven
(A Comprehensive Study About Heaven)
Where is Heaven?
What will we do in Heaven?
Can we see events occurring on earth while we are in Heaven?
Does Peter have the keys to Heaven? 

*Pictures of the stones and gems of Heaven (Large Document - Be patient when opening and downloading!)

Real Discipleship
What are the requirements of discipleship?
What does it mean to carry a cross?
Are you ready to take the challenge?

Religious Entertainment
Has worship changed into a form of carnal entertainment within the present day church?
What does the Bible say about entertainment in the church and why should
we reject religious entertainment?
What are the consequences of allowing applause and other types of
entertainment in the church?

Repentance, Lordship Salvation, Cheap Grace, Easy Believism, Quick Believism,
Easy Prayerism,
Decisional Salvation and Evangelism

(Defining the Terms)
How do these terms relate to the conversion of the sinner?

What do the definitions of these terms mean in their original use?
Is surrender necessary for a person to be saved?

How does repentance differ from Lordship Salvation?
How can we be a better soul winner?

*See also - "The Errors of Lordship Salvation"

Right Thinking
(Philippians 4:8-9)

How can right thinking help us in our daily victory?
How can I learn to think right?
Can I really change my impure thoughts?
What is the result that comes from right thinking? 

Remember Lot's Wife
What lessons can a woman learn from Lot's wife?
What happens when we gaze at the world too long?
What does the salty monument of Lot's wife represent?

Sacraments and Salvation
What do various denominations teach and believe about the sacraments of baptism and the Lord's Supper?
Is Christ in the sacraments?
What is the meaning of the sacraments?
Can you be saved without particpating in the sacraments?  

Salvation, Forgivness, and the Confession of Sins
Does confession of sin mean a Christian must be resaved?
Why can't a Christian lose his salvation?
How many sins did Christ pay th epenalty for when He died on the cross?
What is the minstry of Christ today for the believer?
What is the difference between forensic and family forgivness?

Companion Study: "Eternal Security Through Christ" (With Pictures)

Saving the Mothers
(1 Timothy 2:15)

What is the correct understanding of "She shall be saved in childbearing?"
How can a mother save herself?
How can a mother reverse the Edenic tragedy?
How is a mother's sanctification possible in the family relationship?

Secure or Insecure?
(The Doctrine of Eternal Security)

Are you secure in the matter or your salvation?
How can you be sure that you are saved?
What are God's promises to me?

Companion Studies: "Eternal Security Through Christ": & "Eternal Life"

Eternal Security and Assurance of Salvation & "Eternal Security and Assurance of Salvation" (Chart)

Separation from Apostasy
A Quick Reference Tool)
Why should a Christian separate from apostasy?
What Bible commands teach us to refuse partnership with false teachers?

Seven Confirming Signs of Salvation
(Understanding the First Epistle of John)
 Is First John talking about tests for fellowship in the Christian life or tests of life related to salvation?
Is John demonstrating a dichotomy between believers and nonbelievers?
Where should a believer look for the primary assurance of his salvaton?
Can works or transformation of living also provide assurance of one's salvation? 

Seven Reasons for Ecclesiastical Separation
What is the Biblical and Fundamental Stand on Ecclesiastical (Church) Separation?
Why should a Christian refuse to attend other churches that promote rebellious music?
What commands and principles do we apply and follow to keep us from compromise?

Sharing the Gospel & Wrong Associations
What are the Biblical principles of separation?
What should we separate from as we share the Gospel?
Do we really participate in error and worldliness by wrong association?
Are we promoting error by our associations?

*See also: "Wrong Associations with Men Movements, and Ministries"

Should a Christian Be Cremated?
What does the Bible say about cremation?
Should the body of a Christian be cremated after they die?

What legacy or testimony will you leave behind?


Should a Christian Dance?

Is dancing an appropriate form of entertainment for Christians?

Where did David dance before the Lord?

Does the Bible promote praise dancing?

Should we redeem the arts and reuse them in God's House?

What are the dangers associated with dancing? 

Should a Christian Observe the Lenten Liturgical Calendar?
Is Lent the normal pattern for Christian living?
Should churches corporately practice a prescribed Liturgical calendar?
Was Lent practiced during the days of the early assemblies?
What is the significance of this practice?

Should Christian Women Veil?
Does God expect Christian women to veil in our society?
What was the purpose of the veil?
Does a womanís hair replace the veil?

*Companion Study: "Head Coverings and Hair Lengths" (God's Chain of Authority)  - A Shorter Study on this Subject

Should We Raise Our Hands During Worship?
What verses are used to support the Charismatic  practice of raising hands?
Should we limit our liberties during our time of worship?
What Biblical principles should be applied to this practice?

Should We Use Oil for Healing Today?
Should elders anoint with oil today?
Does oil have any magical power to heal?
Is oil required for physical healing?
Does oil have any symbolical value in the Bible?
What type of healing is James 5 speaking about?

*Compantion Study: "James 5 and Spritual Healing from the Effects of Sin"

Sign Gifts
Have the early sign gifts ceased?
Are there any Biblical proofs for cessation?
What about 1 Corinthians 13:10?
What about the baptism of the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues, and the latter rain?

*Companion Studies -"The Cessastion of Temporary Gifts"  

"The Baptism of the Holy Spirit and Speaking in Tongues"

                             "Sign Gifts" &  "Charismatics, the Book of Acts, and the Sign Gifts"

Signs of the Times
Will the earth be destroyed in 2012?
Mayan calendar or God's  calendar?
Are there certain signs occurring that indicate Christ's coming will be soon?
What are the top ten signs which indicate we are headed toward the end times?

Sitting at the Feet of Jesus
(Finding Forgiveness and Renewal)
How important is the devotional life?
Can service keep us from worship?
Have you taken the time to be holy?

Have you forgiven others?

Songs in the Song of Solomon
What hymns, songs, and gospel choruses have been derived from the Song of Solomon?
Where are those verses located that point to some of the cherished hymns?

Spiriutal Growth
How do we experience true and lasting growth in our Christian life?
What does it mean to grow in grace?
What are some of the hindrances to spiritual growth?

Spiritual Intimacy With God
What does it mean to have a close relationship with God?
How does a person worship God?
What steps can I take to draw closer to God?

Spiritual Refreshment
Are you passing through a spiritually dry season in your Christian life?
How can God's children expereince inner refreshmnet in their daily lives?
How can we maintain revival in our hearts and lives? 

Staying in Fellowship With God
(1 John 1:9)

How close are you to God?
How can a believer maintain fellowship with God?
What happens when a believer sins?
What does it mean to confess sin?
What is the advocacy work of Christ?

*Companion Study - "When a Man Gets Right With God" (Confession, Cleansing, Consecration) - A Study of Psalm 51 

Striving for Excellence
Is God pleased when we try to do the best that we can?
Can the good become the enemy of the best?
What is the superior way of living?
What glorifies God?

Ten Practical Points and Prayers for Victory
How can we have victory in the time of temptation?
What steps should we take and prayers should we invoke to claim our victory?
What verses can we claim when the devil comes to tempt us?

Thanking Our Fathers
Why shoiuld we be thanful for godly fathers?
How can we honor our father?
What are the marks of a godly father?

See also "God of our Fathers"

The Arab Story
What are the origins of the Arab people?
What does Islam assert regarding the Abrahamic Covenant?
Who has the land rights to Palestine?
What threat does radical Isalm bring to the world and United States?

The Armor of God and Victory (A Concise Treatment)
What do the different pieces of the Christian armor represent?
How does God's armor work to give us victory?

How do believers apply the armor to their lives?
Can you really have victory? 

The Attack On America
Why was there an attack on America?
Was God responsible for the attack?
What are some lessons America needs to learn from this attack?
What is the Christian response in this time of attack?

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit and Speaking in Tongues
A comprehensive study of the meaning of Spirit baptism and speaking in Tongues
Is the Christian promised a second work of grace?
Do they receive the gift of speaking in tongues when passing through the baptism of the Holy Spirit?
What role does the baptism of the Holy Spirit play in the Christian life?
 What was the purpose of Pentecost?
What was happening during the Book of Acts?
Why did the early Christians speak in tongues?
Is God still giving the gift of speaking in tongues today?
What was the purpose of tongues? 

*This document contains power point charts. Be patient when downloading.


*Companion Studies - "Sign Gifts" & "Charismatics, the Book of Acts, and the Sign Gifts"

The Believer's Liberty in Christ (Summary and Picture Format)
Are you living free from the fear of God's condemnation?
Do you have the assurance of eternal life?
Why not be free today?

The Bible Stands
Is every word in the Bible really inspired?
Is the Bible still inerrant and infallible?
Has God perfectly preserved the Bible through the history of transmission?

The Birth of Jesus Christ
What are the exciting events associated with Christ's birth?
Is the virgin birth of Christ important?
Do you have room for Christ in your life today?
What is the true message of peace on earth and good will toward men? 

The Biblical Basis for Standards
(A Plea for Discernment)
A Detailed Look at the Issue of Legalism vs. Standards 
Whatever happened to standards in the local church assembly?
Why has there been a definite decline and shift away from standards?
Are standards a sign of legalism?
Do standards hinder the Spirit's inward ministry in our lives and
keep us from practicing New Testament Christianity?

A Companion Study: "Why Church Standards?"

The Blessed Hope
Could Jesus return at any moment?
What is the blessed hope?
What Scriptures teach the imminent return of Christ?
What are the arguments against the blessed hope?

The Blood of Baptists
(ďLosing the TrailĒ)
Some Brief Comments on the Baptist Trail of Blood Theory

Does the Baptist heritage stem back to John the Baptist and the days of the apostles?
Do all Baptists take this position?
What is the difference between a physical trail and a spiritual trail?

The Bodily Resurrection of Jesus Christ
Did Jesus rise from the dead with a physical body?
What is the importance of the bodily resurrection of Christ?
Why do the cults and infidels reject the literal ressurection of Christ?

The Bondage of the Big Beat
Are Christians addicted to a certain sound or beat?

How do you know when something has become an idol to you?
Are you willing to face the music?

Companion Studies: "60 Reasons Why a Christain Should Refuse to Attend Chruches that Promote Wordly Music and Worship"

"Is God Using Contempaoray Music?" & "Fast Bible Facts Dealing With Christian Rock Music"

The Carnal Man
What does it mean to be carnal?
Can Christians be carnal?
How long can a believer live in carnality?


*Companion Studies "The Natural Man" and "The Spiritual Man"

The Cessasion of Temporary Gifts
Why were some gifts temporary?
What was the purpose of the temporary gifts?
What is the "perfect thing" of 1 Corinthians 13:10

Related Studies - "Sign Gifts"

"Charismatics, the Book of Acts, and the Sign Gifts"

The Christian Armor
(An Exposition of Ephesians 6:10-18)
What is the believer's resource for victory?
How do we overcome the attacks of the enemy?
How does a Christian apply God's armor to his life?


The Course of World History

(As Outlined in Daniel and Revelation)

How did Daniel outline the course of world history as it pertains to nations?

Do the prophecies of Daniel correspond to the historical records of world powers?

 Do the books of Daniel and Revelation interlock together?

What is the prophetic significance of developments in Europe?

Will the Roman Empire be revived?


*See Related Study - "Heads, Hills, Horns, and Harlots"  (A Study of Revelation 17:9-14)

*Be patient when downloading - It will take several minutes with high speed*


The Crucifixion Question Revisited

(A Synopsis of the Wednesday Crucifixion of Christ)

Could Jesus have been crucified on Good Friday?

What About Thursday?

Does Jonah's experience (Matt. 12:40) demand a Wednesday crucifixion? 


*Companion Study - "When was Christ Crucified? (A Detailed Study of This Question)


The Davidic Covenant in Capsule Form

What are the basic promises of the covenant that God gave to David?

Will Jesus Christ actually rule on the throne of David?


*Companion study  - "The Genealogical Connection of Christ to David"


The Deacon and Divorce

What does the expression "husbands of one wife" really mean?

Can a man serve as a deacon if he has been divorced?

What does God expect of church leadership? 


The Debt I Never Paid

(A Devotional Study of Manís Need of Salvation)

What really happened when Jesus died on the cross?

What kind of account does an unbeliever have before God?

Do you have your sins put away?


The Decline of America

(Why Is America Going to the Dogs?)

Why is America on the decline morally, ethically, globally, and economically?

Why is America like a dog returning to it's vomit?

What are the four basic reasons for America's decline?


The Desperate Need for Missions
Why is there a need for missions?
What did Jesus say about missions?
Are you a missionary?



The Disciple's Belief in John's Gospel
Why is their a progression in the disciples faith in John's Gospel?
What did the disciples need to understand about Jesus Christ during His earthly ministry?


The Divorce Question

Is there any Scriptural ground for divorce and remarriage?

What is God's plan for marriage?

What is God's attitude toward divorce?

What does the exception clause really teach? "

*Companion Studies -

"Does God Condone Divorce and Remarriage?"  (The Exception Clause in Matt. 5:32 & 19:9)
"God's Word on Divorce and Remarriage" (A Church Statement)
33 Reasons Why Divorce and Remarriage is Wrong


The Doctrine of Repentance

Is repentance a work that I must do?
Is repentance the act of reformation?
Is repentance necessary for salvation?
Should repentance be preached in this dispensation?


The Errors of Lordship Salvation

(A Detailed Look at the Errors Related to Lordship Salvation) 

Must a person "make" Jesus Lord of their lives in order to be saved?

Must a person become a disciple or follower of Christ in order to be saved?

What are the Biblical meanings of the words repentance and faith?

What is cheap grace and easy believism?


*Companion Studies - "Lordship Salvation" An Exhaustive Treatise of The Reformed Position of Salvation


"Perseverance, Faith, Works, and Theological Doubletalk"  (Reformed teaching exposed as error)


"Repentance, Lordship Salvation, Cheap Grace, Easy Believism, Quick Believism,  Easy Prayerism,

Decisional Salvation and Evangelism" (Defining the Terms)


The Errors of Oneness Pentecostals

How does this group differ from traditional Pentecostals?

Does God manifest Himself as three persons or as only three modes of existence?

What about a "Jesus Only" baptism?

Can we lose our salvation?


The Errors of Reformed Theology

What Presbyterian and Reformed Churches Really Believe?

What are the basic beliefs of Reformed Theology?

What about Calvinism?

What is Covenant Theology and Preterism?

How should we view the sovereignty of God?


The Fear of God

Does the Bible promote the Biblical concept of fearing God?

What does it mean to fear God?

How can a Christian living under grace fear God?

How does the fear of God relate to worship?

What can a healthy fear of God do for your life?


The Final Examination

(A Study of the Judgment Seat of Christ)

Will Christians be examined for the way they have lived?

What does the word bema mean? 

What do we gain and lose at the Judgment Seat of Christ?

Are you ready for the final examination?  


The Forgiveness of Sins
Does God only forgive us of our past sins when we become a Christian?
Will the person who believes in Christ ever face their sins in judgment?
Are you free from the condemnation of sin? 


The Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy

(Focusing on the End Times - Tribulation Period)

Is Bible prophecy being fulfilled today?

Are we living in the end times?

What events transpire in the gap between the Rapture and Tribulation Period?

What is the basic sequence of events during the Tribulation Period?


*Companion Studies - "Prophetic Gaps" and "Are We Living in the End Times?" 


The Gap Theory Between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2
Is there a huge gap of time existing between the first two verses of Genesis?
Was there some pre-Adamic race that dwelt in the Garden of Eden?
Is the creation account only a recreation of a previously existing earth?
Did God destroy the earth millions of years ago?


The Genealogical Connection of Christ to David

How is Christ genealogically linked to David through Joseph?

How is Christ genealogically linked to David through Mary?

Does Jesus Christ have a legal and physical right to the throne of David?


*Companion Study - "The Davidic Covenant in Capsule Form"


The Glory of a Woman
What makes a woman beautiful from God's perspective?
Are you a beautiful woman?


The Glory of the Cross
What are the substitutionary words dealing with the cross?
Did Jesus die spiritually when hanging on the cross?
Was Satan defeated through the cross of Christ?


The Harvest

 What Did Christ say about the harvest of lost souls?

What should be our attitude toward the harvest?

Are you willing to be part of the answer to seeing people saved?


The Identity of the Antichrist

Will the Antichrist be a Jew?

Will the Antichrist be a Gentile?

What are the arguments used to teach his identity?


The Intermediate State

What happens between death and resurrection?

Will we live in the spirit world?

Will we receive a temporary or intermediate body? 



The Judgment Seat of Christ and the Christian's Sin?
Will Christians be judged as sinners in this coming day?
Will we have to answer for the sins of our Christian life?
How will we really be judged at this future examination?


The King James Version versus Other Bible Translations
(A Positional Statement on the Authorized Version)
Is the King James Bible better than other translations?
What river of manuscripts does the King James Version follow?
What is the Received Text?
Has there been a historic, Church text passed down from the autographs?
Did God really preserve His Word throughout the ages?
What is the history and Greek text behind the  modern versions?
Are there any substantial differences between the King James Version and more recent Bible versions?
Is the English of the King James Bible inspired?
Should we be King James Only or Only King James?

*See also -"Inspiration, Fundamentalism, and Your Bible"
         "Two Rivers of Greek Manuscripts"

The Lamb
How is Jesus presented as the Lamb of God in Scripture?
What is the significance of Christ being the Lamb?
Have you ever looked to the Lamb of God for personal salvation?

The Lies of Eden

What are the lies that Satan uses to deceive believers?

Do we really have needs that God can't meet?

How do we overcome Satan's lies?


*Companion Study - "The Suspicion of Eden"


The Lord is My Shepherd

(Psalm 23)

How can you really have satisfaction in life?

What reassurance can we have in the time of death?

Have you been experiencing God's loving and shepherding care over your life? 


The Marriage and Marriage Supper of the Lamb

Where will the marriage of the Church take place?

Where will the wedding feast or supper occur?

Who is invited to the supper? 


The Message of Christmas

What is the true meaning of Christmas?

Is Christmas  important to you?

Have you lost the true significance of Christmas?


The Millennial Kingdom

And Exhaustive Study of the 1,000 Year Reign of Christ

How should we interpret the Millennium?

What are the historic covenants related to the Millennium? 

What will the conditions of the earth be like during the Millennium?

When will the Millennium take place?

What kind of government will exist on earth during the Millennium?

What events precede the Millennium?

Who will participate in the Millennium?

What about animal sacrifices?

When will the Millennium end?     


The Mysteries of the Kingdom

(Matthew 13)

A Detailed Dispensational Exposition of the Parables of Matthew 13

What do the parables of Matthew 13 teach?

What kind of kingdom was Jesus speaking about in these parables?

How do these parables relate to our present day?

Is the world getting better?


The Natural Man
Why do unsaved people act the way that they do?
Can the unsaved person really apply the Bible to their lives?
What about the soul and spirit within this man?


*Companion Studies -  "The Spiritual Man" and "The Carnal Man"


The Need for Vision

What kind of vision should a church possess?

What must we do when casting a vision?

Do you have a future vision for your church ministry?


The Next Four Years

(Under the Leadership of President Obama)

How can a concerned Christian face another four years under the leadership of Barack Obama?

What are the current trends for the last days?

How does God expect Christians to live and conduct themselves the next four years?


The Numeric's of Daniel's Seventy Weeks

(A Synopsis of Daniel's 70 Weeks)

What are the significant time designations of Daniel's 70 weeks?

What is the basic interpretation of this prophecy?

Is all of this prophecy historically fulfilled?


*Companion Study - "Daniel's Seventy Weeks"


The Overcomers in Revelation Chapters 2-3

Who are the overcomers in these chapters?

What are the different views regarding these Christians?

Why does Christ make promises to these believers about the future?


The Power of Persistent Prayer

Is God really interested in answering the prayers of His people?

Can the believer touch the heart of God with his praying?

Does prayer really change things?


The Program of Resurrection
(As Outlined in Scripture)
When will God's resurrection program begin?
How many resurrections are there?
When will the church be resurrected?



The Rapture
What is the rapture?
When will the rapture take place?
Why has the rapture not occurred?
Where will we go after the rapture?


 *Companion study - "Jesus is Coming Again"



The Searching Prophets
(1 Peter 1:10-12)
What are the Old Testament prophets searching for in their writings?
What do we know today that the prophets could not discover?
What are those things which interest the angels?


The Second Death
What is the meaning of this Biblical expression?

What does the word death mean?
When does the second death occur?
What will be the final destiny of the unsaved?
Will people actually be annihilated?


The Secret Place
God's Peace)

Can the Christian life be free from worry?
How can I have true peace?


The Secret Coming

(With Power Point Charts)

What is the difference between the secret coming and the Second Coming?

In what passage of Scripture did Jesus present this secret return?

What are the main hidden truths (sacred secrets) regarding this coming?


The Sequence of the Tribulation Judgments and Interlude Passages

(As Seen in the Book of Revelation)

Are the Seal, Trumpet, and Bowl Judgments chronological?

Are  these judgments interelated in some way?

What do the interlude chapters mean?


The Sermon On The Mount - Is It For Today?
How should we interpret the Sermon on the Mount?
Is this sermon given as a mandate for the church to follow?
What are the dispensational features of this sermon?

The Seventy Weeks of Daniel (With Power Point Charts)
Does this amazing prophecy have any future fulfillment?
What are the numerical calculations and time divisions of this prophecy?
What are the goals of this prophecy?
Why must we understand this prophecy?

*Companion Study - "The Numeric's of Daniel's Seventy Weeks" (A Synopsis Study)

*See also - "Daniel's Seventy Week's Chart"

The Simple Life
(A Tribute to the Ministry of Dr. Wendell Heller)
How can I simplify my life?
What does it mean to be devoted to Christ?
How does Satan try to distract the believer from living a simple life?


The Sons of God - What Really Happened Before the Flood?
What does the title "Sons of God" mean in this Old Testament setting?
Was the human race overtaken by demons?
What was Satan doing back in Genesis prior to the flood?


The Spiritual Man
What does it mean to be a spiritual Christian?
How can I demonstrate spirituality in my own personal life?
Do I really want to be spiritual?


The Spiritual Battle of Evangelism

What role does the Holy Spirit have in evangelism? (conviction)

How does the devil hinder evangelism? (craftiness)

Does man's will have anything to do with evangelism? (contrition) 


The Suspicion of Eden 

How does Satan question God'sWord?

How does Satan cast doubt on God's character?

Is there sastifaction outside the parameters of God's will?

Is God a cosmic killjoy?  


*Companion Study - "The Lies of Eden"


The Time of the End

(A Study of Daniel 11:40-45)

What will occur during the end times?

What events will lead to Antichrist's world dictatorship?

What battles will be fought during the Middle of the Tribulation Period? 


* Companion Studies - "The Natural Man" and "The Carnal Man"


The Timing andTeaching of Christ's Second Coming

Will the Second Coming occur as a single event or a series of events?

Can anyone know the exact time of the Second Coming?

What momentous events are assocated with the Second Coming?

How should we understand Matthew 24-25?


*Be patient when downloading - comes with PowerPoint charts and pictures*


The Unpardonable Sin (Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit)

Can a Christian commit the unpardonable sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit?

When was this sin committed?

Why were those who committed this sin never forgiven?


The War Question
Should a Christian bear arms?
How can a Christian love his enemies and kill them at the same time?
Is the a just war?


The Warning Passages in Hebrews
What are these warning passages really teaching?
Can a believer lose his salvation?


Three Tenses of Salvation

How  can we be saved in three different ways?

What does it mean to  "work out your own salvation"?

What aspect of salvation is still in the future?


To Think He Died For Me!

Why did Christ die upon the cross?

What did Jesus experience when He was on the cross?

How does the death of Christ relate to your life?


Two Rivers of Greek Manuscripts
What is the Greek Text behind the King James Version of the Bible?
What is the Greek text behind the modern versions of the Bible?


*See also: "The King James Bible Versus Other Bible Translations"

              "Inspiration, Fundamentalism, and Your Bible"  


Two Thrones and Progressive Dispensationalism

(Revelation 3:21)

Are there two distinct thrones mentioned in Revelation 3:21?

Is Christ on David's throne today ruling the Church?

What is the basic teaching of Progressive Dispensationalism?

How does Progressive Dispensationalism reflect Reformed Theology?


Union and Victory

How can I have victory in my Christian life?

 How important is my union with Christ?

 What is the believerís relationship to Christís death and resurrection?

What does it mean to be complete in Christ?  


Victorious Christian Living

(Romans Chapter 6)
What is God's plan for victory?
What does Romans Chapter six teach about the sin nature?

Is the sin nature really put to death?


Was Judas Saved?
Did Judas lose his salvation?
What did Jesus say about the life of Judas?

Where will you spend eternity?


Was Male Headship and Female Submission Created by God? 
Is male dominance over women the result of the Genesis Fall?
Did God create man to be the leader and authority figure within the marriage?
What is the meaning of the word head?


What About Body Piercing?

Should a Christian get a nose ring?

What about cultural distinctions?

How many are too many piercings?

What does the Bible say about body modification?


What About Cards?
Why have cards been held in suspicion down through the years?
What is the history of cards?
Should a Christian play with cards?


What About Christmas?
What is the background behind the Christmas holiday?
Why is there disagreement among the brethren about Christmas?
Should we celebrate Christmas?


What About Cloning?
What does the Bible say about cloning?
Is man stepping into God's place by attempting to clone humans?
How would cloning effect the traditional family unit?
Does abortion relate to the cloning issue?


What About Euthanasia?
What does the Bible say about end of life issues?
Is euthanasia murder in Godís eyes?
Is human life valuable to God?
What is the Christian response to those who suffer?


What About Gambling?
What does the Bible say about games of chance?
Is gambling really a sin?
Can a Christian gamble to the glory of God? 


What About the Movie?
Was Mel Gibson's movie God's movie?
What about using emotional entertaining pictures to present the Gospel?
Is there a difference between the suffering of Jesus on the cross
and His substitutionary sacrifice?


What About Same Sex Marriages?
(An In-depth Study on Homosexuality)
Have Christians really misunderstood what the Bible says about homosexuality?
Does God endorse the relationships of same-sex partners?
What does Genesis say about marriage?
Is God judging homosexuals for their lifestyle?


What About Tattoos?

Should Christians wear tattoos?

What are some arguments Christians give for wearing tattoos?

Do any commands in the Old Testament relate to Christians today?

How can we represent Christianity in the best possible light? 


What About Tobacco?
Does the Bible say anything about tobacco use?
Should a Christian smoke?
How can a Christian have victory over addictive habits?


What About "The Da Vinci Code?"

What is the latest book by Dan Brown teaching?

Did Jesus really marry the woman Mary Magdalene?

Was Mary Magdalene the head of the Church?

Does the Bible have the true story?


What Does God Require?
What is God really looking for in my day to day living?
What does God really require for genuine Christian living?

What does God want more than religious routine and worship?


What If Christ Had Not Risen From the Dead?

Would there be any hope for Christians if Christ had not risen from the dead?

What are the sad consequences that would occur if Christ had not risen from the grave?

How important is the doctrine of the bodily resurrection of Christ?

*See also: Why Did Christ Rise From the Dead?



What in the World is the Devil Doing?
What is the devil doing in the church?
What is the devil doing in the government?
What is the devil doing to the Word of God?
What is the devil doing to the family?
What is the devil doing to your own life?


What is and Independent Church?

(Tracing the Historical Roots and Practices of the Independent Church)

When did the independent church movement begin?

Why did the local churches lose their independence?

What is the purpose for remaining independent?

Is your church independent?


What Kind of Faith Do You Have?
(A Guide for Soul Winners)
What is genuine saving faith?
What different kinds of faith does the soul-winner encounter when witnessing?
Where is your faith resting?
Do some people only have a Savior for their needs instead of for their soul?


What Really Happened to the Church?

A Study of Puritanism, Classic Modernism, Neo-Liberalism, Neo-Orthodoxy,

Neo-Evangelicalism, Fundamentalism & Neo-Fundamentalism

In the History of the Church

What is the history of compromise within the church?

When did corruption begin to influence the denominations?

How did Europe influence the churches in the United States?

Why are there churches today who do not embrace ecumenicalism?

Where does your church stand in relationship to Bible separation?

*See Chart that is linked to this study - "This History of Modernism and Fundamentalism With Related Definitions."


Whatever Happened to Sunday's Best?
(A Study on Reverence in God's House)
What is reverence?
How should a Christian dress for the corporate worship of the church?
Does dress really matter to God?
Doesn't God only look at the heart?


When a Man Gets Right With God

(Confession, Cleansing, Consecration)

A Study of Psalm 51 

How does a believer restore their fellowship with God?

What should follow confession? 

What does a person lose when they sin? 

Do you need to get right with God? 


*Companion Study - "Staying in Fellowship With God" (1 John 1:9)


When a Man Loves a Woman (Ephesians 5:25-33)

How does a man express love to his wife in the marriage relationship?

What impact does love have on a marriage?

Does true love last forever? 


When Did the Church Begin?

Did it begin in the Old Testament as Covenant Theologians teach?

Did it begin with John the Baptist as Landmark Baptist's teach?

Did it begin later in the Book of Acts as Ultra-dispensationalists teach?

Does the Bible provide any clear proof concerning the origin of the Church? 


*Companion Studies: "Extreme Dispensationalism, the Beginning of the Church, and a Lively Debate"-

"Pentecost, Baptism, and Church Membership"


When I See the Blood

(Exodus 12:13)
What significant role does the blood of Christ play in our salvation?

Why does God look at the blood of Christ?

Will God's judgment pass over you? 


When Was Christ Crucified?


*Companion Study - "The Crucifixion Question Revisited" (A Synopsis of the Wednesday Crucifixion)


Where Are the Nine?

(Luke 17:11-19)

Have you been thanking God for His many blessings?

Do you have a grateful heart?

When was the last time you thanked God for your health and salvation?


Who Can Be Saved After the Rapture?

Will those who have heard the Gospel before the Rapture have the opportunity to be saved after the Rapture?

What texts of Scripture will help us to answer this question with a degree of certainty?

Are you saved today? 


Who Killed Jesus?

Who was responsible for the death of Jesus?
Was it God?
Was it the Romans?
Was it the Jews?
Was it You?


Why Church Standards?

Are church standards something of the archaic past?

Is a church legalistic if it has standards?

What are the benefits of standards? 


See also "The Biblical Basis for Standards"

Why Do Christians Leave Biblical Separation and Fundamentalism for New Evangelical Churches and Compromised Christianity?
What are the reasons why some Christians choose to leave a fundamentalist church?
Can a Christian attend a church while not embracing the teaching of Bible separation?
Can a Christian become desenstitized to truth?

Why Did Christ Rise From the Dead?

Why is the resurrection of Christ important?

Does it really matter if Christ rose from the grave?

Is the bodily resurrection of Christ necessary?


*Summary Outline of this Study*


Why Do Christians Die If God Promises to Meet Their Basic Needs in Life?

If God has promised to meet the needs of His saints, then why do some Christians die of starvation?

What about a Christian who is captured by a communist regime and who is slowly starved to death in a concentration camp?

Are God's promises true regarding His daily provision in light of disease and the death of God's saints?


*See also: "What If Christ Had Not Risen From the Dead?"


Why Do God's People Backslide?

(Forsaken counsel, Foolish choices, Forgotten companions)

Why do Christians drift away from the Lord?

How can a Christian prevent themselves from falling away from the Lord?

Are you in a backslidden state?


*Companion Study - "Backsliding"


Why Do We Accept the Bible Over Other Ancient Documents?

Why is the Bible superior to other ancient documents?

How did we get the Bible?  

What about the Gnostic Gospels?

What about the apocrypha?  


Why Did Christ Rise From the Dead?

What was the purposes for Christ's resurrection from the dead?

What hope do we have because Jesus rose from the grave?


Will Only Faithful Beleivers Enter the Millennium?
(A Rebuttal of the Teaching of Zane Hodges, Joseph Dillow, Robert Wilken)

Does the Bible teach that only those believers who overcome will enter the Millennial Kingdom?

What does it mean when the Bible states that some people will be cast into outer darkness?

Can believer's face some kind of temporal punishment for their sins during the Millennium?

What does it mean to "inheirt" the kingdom?


Will the Unsaved Enter the Millennium? 
Does the Bible teach that the unsaved will be able to enter the Millennial Kingdom?
What do the prophetic parables teach on this subject?
Will you take part in the Millennial Kingdom Someday?


Will We Recognize Each Other in Heaven?
(Words of Hope and Comfort)

Will we really know each other when we get to Heaven?
What happens between death and the resurrection of the human body?
Can a human spirit be seen in Heaven?
Can we look forward to a reunion with our saved loved ones?


Wrong Associations with Men, Movements, and Ministries

Does our associations with certain religious movements really matter?

Can I compromise what I believe by being in the wrong place?

When do I "touch the unclean thing?"

Does a Fundamentalist church violate the association principle when it

borrows some words from the contemporary movement and sings them? 

How far do we take the "guilt by association" principle?


*See also:"Sharing the Gospel and Wrong Associations"


The Meaning of Xmas

Should we take the name "Christ" out of the word Christmas?

Why do people abbreviate Christmas?

Was there an ancient custom attached to the letter "X" that Christians adopted? 

Does the Bible abbriviate the name of Christ?


Your Free Christmas Gift

(Romans 6:23)

What is the most important Christmas gift?

What are the wages of sin?

Is salvation absolutely free?