God Loves You!

John 3:16

“For God so

loved the world”

That’s you!


  (write your name on this line)


God really does love you!


“that He gave his only

begotten Son”

 Jesus came to die on the cross, paying the penalty,

or judgment, for your own sins.

He died in your place, to save you from hell,

since you are a sinner.


“that whosoever”

 This includes you!


“believeth in him”

Places faith or trust in Christ

to save them.


“should not perish”

Should not die and go to hell and pay the penalty

of judgment for your own sins.


“but have everlasting life”

Receive eternal spiritual life

and live with God forever in Heaven.


Here is a prayer that may help you express

personal faith in Christ.


“Dear God, thank you for loving me, as a sinner,

and sending your Son (Jesus Christ)

to die in my place, as John 3:16 says.

I believe in Jesus Christ right now for everlasting life,

so I will not perish and go to hell. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”


If you have taken this important step of faith,

and sincerely believed in Jesus Christ to be your Savior,

then send this tract to us and let us know.


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