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    With every passing year, churches continue to follow the latest fads in church growth and music. In many churches entertainment has become the focus of the services. Here at the Berean Bible Church our focus is on the Biblical and traditional forms of worship.  We make no apology for the old-time religion.  It is not stale traditionalism but worship born out of deep respect for God and the Bible.

   The key focus here at the church is the Bible.  I preach and teach through Bible passages and entire books of the Bible, so we can learn what the Bible actually says in a systematic fashion.  We can also discover how the Holy Spirit actually wrote the Bible.  Our name signifies that we want to be like the Berean believers of old who “searched the scriptures” (Acts 17:11).

    We are part of a movement of churches that broke away from the growing liberalism within the denominations (1900–1930’s) and also from those churches that failed to separate from compromised Christianity (1940’s). Our particular independent Bible church began in 1987.

   We invite you to visit our church ministry. Other families across our community have discovered the joy of being a part of this
growing, independent, Bible-believing, conservative, exciting, and friendly
church family. Our heart-felt prayer is that you would come and recapture the spirit of reverent and traditional worship, and see the importance of returning to clear Bible preaching and teaching which supports God’s holiness and “old-fashioned” family values.

 If you are looking for worship and not entertainment; if you are looking for music that stirs the soul rather than the feet; if you are looking for a firm Biblical foundation for living in an ever-changing world, then Berean Bible Church is for you.

Pastor Kelly Sensenig

Serving the Lord,
William Sensenig

“I’ve attended the church for many years and have grown in my spiritual life."

“I have found the ministry spiritually refreshing.”

“I was saved through this local church ministry.”

“The preaching is without apology and uncompromising.”
“As a recent attendee, I’ve found something that I thought no  longer existed, traditional worship that is non-contemporary, while at the same time soul-stirring.”

“They are still singing the hymns at this church!”
The worship and music of the Berean Bible Church is traditional (see study of conservative Christianity). The old hymns of the faith are still sung in a traditional and yet dynamic way that is still lively and joyful. Our worship services are based on a deep respect for God and the Bible.  The services maintain reverence for God’s holiness and house (I Peter 1:15-16).

In a few words, our worship and ministry is
: Biblical, conservative, traditional,  reverent, uplifting, heart-warming, and soul-stirring. But not: Entertaining, contemporary, trendy, ecumenical, charismatic, or  compromising.
We believe in:

the Trinity   the Deity, death, burial, resurrection, and ascension of Christ

salvation by the grace of God  the eternal security of believers in Christ

water baptism for this age (immersion)  

the church as the body of Christ which began in Acts 2

dispensations   missions   promoting Biblical family values

spiritual and ecclesiastical separation of the people of God

See "30 Reasons Why the Berean Bible Church Separates from Ecumenical Practices
and Other Churches that Promote Worldly Philosophy"

Examples of Church Ministries Throughout the Year

  Spring and Fall Bible Conferences   Missionary Speakers

  Christmas Program    Fellowship Time

  Fair Ministry (evangelism)    Water Street Rescue Mission   Flyer Distribution

  Discipleship Program     Teen Ministry

  Youth Activities     Children’s Balloon Ministry  

  Men’s Prayer Breakfast    Ladies’ Fellowship

  Summer Bible Studies    Vacation Bible School



 Location of Church: Berean Bible Church

   675 Lincoln Garden Road, Ephrata, PA  17522

       (717) 733-6114

   Service Times

  Morning Church Service - 10:00 A.M.

*Sunday School for grades 1-6 during main church service.

Youth Meeting - 10:30 A.M. (During main service every other Sunday)

Discipleship Class - 9:00 A.M. (Every other Sunday)

Evening Church Service - 6:00 P.M

Wednesday Service - 7:00 P.M

*Prayer Meeting   *Adult Bible Study

*Children’s Ministry    *Teen Meeting

* Nursery provided for all services


   We hope to see you soon!
A Church to Call Home!

We extend a welcome to you and your family. Come experience the warm, family atmosphere of our church.

This may be the "traditional" church that you are looking for in a day when most churches are changing their methods, programs, and preaching.

Our church nursery is a clean place where infants and toddlers can sense God’s love and feel secure as they are cared for by our caring nursery staff. Our nursery is clean and has a pleasant atmosphere.  

 Childrens Ministries

“Children are an heritage of the LORD” (Ps. 127:3). We are committed to providing   a solid, Biblical foundation for our children. The foundation begins in the home and extends to church life and ministry. The church children are impacted in a positive way through Christ-honoring songs and Bible lessons.
   It a joy to be part of the pioneer spirit and work taking place in this local church ministry, as it reaches out to a world that is lost and in need of Christ. My desire is to see the ministry grow for God's glory, while I assist the pastor in preaching, evangelism, youth ministry, and the other various duties associated with church life. 

  We are seeking to build a youth program that revolves around Biblical truth, godly standards, and one that is conducive to holiness. At the same time, we have an exciting program with activities for the teens where they can experience clean fun in a wholesome atmosphere.

    It's not our goal to separate our teens from the older saints but to respect them and follow the same godly principles of the previous generation. I stress to the young people that they should possesses an intense desire to give their lives wholeheartedly to Jesus Christ. I want to give a personal invite to your entire family to come and visit with us. You can catch the joyous spirit and become part of the answer to seeing the youth ministry and church grow.

   Together, as a unified group, we will experience God's true blessing as the lives of people are changed through the Gospel message and the preaching of God's Word. This ministry is Biblically based, exciting to be part of, and will provide spiritual stability for your entire family.


William Sensenig
Assistant to the Pastor
Pastor Kelly Sensenig
 A Place for Everyone...

The Berean Bible Church has a ministry for the entire family! We are a church family made up of Christian people who are seeking to glorify God with our lives.

Our homes are strengthened and our hearts are challenged and encouraged each week through sound preaching and teaching from the Bible.
 Adult Ministries

We have three main services during the week that include preaching verse-by-verse through Bible passages and books, God-honoring conservative music, and prayer.  We also have a discipleship class that meets every other Sunday.