Brother William's Sermons

(Assistant to the Pastor)

Sermon Series
2 John
Contending for the Truth
2 John - Part 1
2 John - Part 2
2 John - Part 3
3 John-Walking in the Truth  (Part 1)
3 John-Walking in the Truth (Part 2)
3 John-Walking in the Truth (Part 3)
Jesus - the Miracle Worker (Part 1)
Jesus - the Miracle Worker (Part 2)
Bible Appetites (Part 1)
Bible Appetites (Part 2)
Encouragement to Go On (Part 1)
Miscellaneous Sermons
Directions for Life
Our Guide Through Life
A Growing Faith
Viewing God (Acts 17)
Knowing God (Part 1)
Knowing God (Part 2)
Living Obediently
The Man of God
The Spirit Filled Life
The Revelation of God
Why do God's People Backslide
The Powerful Prayer Life (Part 1)
The Powerful Prayer Life (Part 2)
A Life of Praise
The Defeated Devil
Walking In Wisdom
The Miracle of Christmas
Triumph in Trial (James 1:1-4)
The Value of God's Work (I Cor. 15:58)
On the Victory Side (Romans 8:12-13)
Waiting on God (Isaiah 40:31)
A Heart for God (Jeremiah 17:9-10)
The Great I AM
What is True Worship?
Standing For the Right
Bought With a Price
Being an Encourager
The Walk of Faith
The Gospel Light
Biblical Principles for the Christian Life
The Fight for the Right (Jude 3-4)
Following in His Footsteps
Key's to a Successful Life  
Signs of a Healthy Church
The Battle of the Mind
A Mother's Prayer (I Samuel 1)
"A Fathers Divine Duty"
From Sin to Service - Psalm 51:1-13
The Identity of a Christian
Is it Just Another Sunday?
Our Glorious Hope
The Concerns of Chrislam
Principles from Proverbs
A Christmas Miracle
"When All Hope Seems Lost" (Psalm 17)
The Fire of God
The Trend of the Tattoo
Our Bountiful Blessings (Psalm 103:1-5)
Church Still Works
Famous Fathers of the Bible
A Number One Seller
A Valuable Solution (Col. 3:16-17)
5 Things the Devil Hates
Listening to God's Voice (Acts 8:26-39)
The Right Door
Defending Our Faith
The Value of a Gift
Separated For Christ
A Better View
The Christians Love (I John 4:7-11)
The Lord's Battle (II Chron. 32:1-8)
10 Ways to Pray for our Families and Children
Building the Church
The Deception of Humanism
All Things Mobile
How to Live a God Honoring Life
The Message of Christmas
The Priority of Life
Following In His Footsteps
How to Make Jesus Sick
Acting on God's Word
Faithfulness In Life
My Country Tis of Thee
The Power of God (Psalm 93)
Seeing Everything
The Great Harvest (Luke 10:1-4)
The Christian Life: Who, What Why?
Jesus: Hope for Mankind
All Things New
Moses: Used of God
New Life In Christ